Appliances wonderful commentary week in and week event (July 4th Week) - Plasma Screen, ST Kelon Restructuring - HC Network Appliance Industry

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Event: China's first plasma screen in the Changhong put into production.

Comments: After the Wenchuan earthquake, Changhong plasma Fate as the media focus, and even voice doubts Changhong plasma screen projects can proceed smoothly, natural disaster, the Changhong were active in self-help, plasma-screen projects into a "shake fixed" the production line, its official production dispelled industry concerns, means that the formation of the upstream plasma display industry's global monopoly has been broken domestic brand of Changhong.

In Olympics Opportunity under the Plasma TV Steady increase in sales, on the other hand, China's first plasma screen put into operation,

TCL , Konka and Changhong have negotiated to purchase China-made color TV sets, plasma screens, which show that, Changhong, plasma screen there is no amount of post-basic marketing problem.

Event: ST Kelon restructuring put on hold.

Comments: ST Kelon explained in the announcement, said the major macroeconomic changes

Home Appliances Industries, especially the air conditioning industry operating environment and other negative factors will Kelon after the reorganization of business prospects and anticipated earnings uncertainty, so as to avoid the risk of suspension of reorganization of the industry.

"House seemingly endless rain," appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices, the new labor law enforcement, etc., and then come across a cool summer, a drink indeed has enough air conditioning business. After the ups and downs

Hisense Kelong reorganization plan ran aground again,'s emotional depressed, but the weakening trend in the air conditioning industry, Hisense

White The potential value of the assets have been reduced to 1.6 billion acquisition of these assets will be the Kelon is concerned, may have been uneconomical, coupled with Hisense may not be willing to "or cheap" white power assets, it would become inevitable restructuring of the aground.

Event: U.S. Open additional program approved appliances.

Comment: According to the United States and the related announcement, the private placement will not exceed 10% of the total share capital of the new shares to raise funds to be 3.556 billion yuan, this financing will invest in capacity expansion, including central air conditioning technical transformation projects, including 10 large projects. This year, the stock market ups and downs, including Changhong, Hisense, ST Kelon, including home appliances such as additional programs were submitted by enterprises was rejected, the program approved by the United States, will significantly ease the financial pressure on the United States, its global strategic objectives filling ammunition, no wonder Fang Hongbo will Nanyi joy.

Event: Amoi technology group IT division executives leave.

Comments: The Biography of nearly 10 former Division Amoi IT executives and technical personnel leave and switch to BYD. Nowadays, greater personnel mobility faster, Zhang today, in time perhaps to Li Ming. High-quality talent, companies naturally thirsty for knowledge, and eager to establish their own R & D center in terms of notebook computers, from the rival office "winkle" is undoubtedly of the most efficient way. Today, as long as a hero is not afraid of no avail, a business order to retain talent, really have to turn effort under, salary alone is very difficult to retain talent. Amoi is on, Lu Zhenyu has identified the future to Amoi


Development-oriented mobile phone other than the business is determined to force even if the lack of Amoi, Amoi IT Division will face the "blood" dilemma.

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Appliances wonderful commentary week in and week event (July 4th Week) - Plasma Screen, ST Kelon Restructuring - HC Network Appliance Industry

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Appliances wonderful commentary week in and week event (July 4th Week) - Plasma Screen, ST Kelon Restructuring - HC Network Appliance Industry

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