Quantum Economics - Part Two

in Plasma

Accumulation of Energies by I-quanta in I-gloued Plasma:
In I-physical Quantities posses some kind of progressive balance by accumulating energies and constantly changing realities;

* part of I-quanta is the Market Supply.

* part of I-gloued Plasma is the Market Demand.

* part of I-physical Quantities is the balance or the harmony or the synchronized vibrations of I-quanta and I-gloued plasma.

* "parameters" are tools of Economics used to guide or limit accumulation energies in the real Economy through balancing these energies;

* even in constant change the relation of i-quanta and i-gloued plasma in an i-physical quantities it could be considered in status of "positive" and in status of "negative" or in status of balanced expansion of "energies" or in status of "big wave" eruption of energies.

* the accumulation of energies is not controllable in real sense but only adjustable in real sense; it means the predictability of cyclical dialectical economic development is philosophically unjustified and to consider economic downturns as self-adjustment and continuation for Future improvement, too.

* other part of I-quanta and I-gloued plasma is social structures of a society or an economic block and their interactions and influence which have similar effect on the I-physical quantities. Until a complete separation of the Market structures from the Social structures the last play vital role and effect on the Market.

Simplifying the philosophical relation between self-adjusting i-quanta in i-gloued plasma's i-physical quantities into cyclical progression is limited understanding of the real complicity these processes posses.

In this context the differing of over-accumulation of energies in theory is possible by parameters of fluctuation. "Spreading and dispersing" these energies from building points of over-capitalization, or i-physical quantities imbalance to build into a energetic serge "big wave". Now because of the highly volatile and sometime limited predictability fluctuation of i-quanta and i-gloued plasma a limited assurance could be considered as a logical reality.

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Quantum Economics - Part Two

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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